I made the decision to try coaching with Lucy as I had just decided to start up my own holistic business working as a reflexologist.  I felt that I had many blocks, concerns and beliefs that were holding me back from fulfilling my potential.  I guess I felt like I was getting in my own way!  My challenge was to look at these issues and see what I could do to change them and help myself moving forward to my goal.  I had no idea if coaching would help as the issues and blocks seemed overwhelming at times.

I have gained enormous personal and professional insight from working with Lucy and have implemented so many changes already I actually can’t quite believe it.  I responded very well to Lucy’s gentle, attentive approach and questioning which resulted in me feeling very empowered and positive about the future.  I really don’t think I could have achieved the changes, both practical and mental, without Lucy’s help!  The biggest gain for me has been the realisation that I have all the resources within myself...I just needed some guidance to access it and put it into action.  I now have solid plans in place to move me forward.

Thank you Lucy for all your help, it’s been an incredibly productive and rewarding journey.

Francesca - Building confidence and a business

Before I started the coaching sessions my biggest challenge was fear and the fear of the unknown causing me anxiety and making me worry about things that haven’t happened yet.

The coaching sessions were very helpful in that they gave me the time and space to explore my thoughts, feelings and beliefs around my current career and my potential career change. Your questions helped direct me towards working out what I want to do next.

I like your style of not saying too much or influencing too much my thoughts and giving lots of time for me to talk. Previous sessions with other potential coaches, I’ve ended knowing so much about them and not feeling in any way like I delved deeper into my own thoughts.

The sessions were really very helpful and I enjoyed them a lot. 

Victoria - Challenging fear and creating career direction

Before I started working with Lucy I felt stuck in a rut at work. I had just returned from maternity leave to the same job but in a different department. I was feeling dissatisfied with my work and finding my work/life balance difficult to manage. I knew I needed a change but wasn't sure what that change should be. 

It was great working with Lucy. Her questioning was clear and poignant. At times when I had thought I had come to an answer she gently asked further questions so that I would have to explore things further and it brought out even more understanding. The sessions were over the phone but I don't think anything was lost in not being in the room with her. 

The best result I have had from working with Lucy is the clarity I have gained in where I am at the moment and what my new priorities are now that I am a new(ish) mother returning to work. Where everything felt murky before, I am now able to see where I stand and have found I can question myself in ways I wasn't able to before. A couple of months on from having worked with Lucy, I haven't gone with the plan I plotted out for myself in our final session, however, it was with her questioning and a better understanding of myself that I feel confident in exploring other options. 

I would recommend Lucy as a life coach to family and friends. 

Naomi - Career clarity, confidence and balance

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